Texans have a lot to be proud of, but water quality isn’t one of them


Texas:  America’s most polluted water.

There’s plenty to love about Texas, but our water quality isn’t one of them.  A report, by Environment Texas, a water watchdog organization, compared the pollution rates of every state in the Union.  The result? Texas has the worst polluted water of any state by a large margin when you factor in the toxicity of the pollution.  Sad, but true. Can we do a better job? Of course. Will we? That remains to be seen. The big polluters (e.g. Dow Chemicals and Pilgrim’s Pride) are also the big political donors and you know how politicians love money!  If you’re waiting for your elected officials to do something about your water, you might very well be waiting a long, long time. So what’s a self-sufficient, proud, boot-strapping Texan to do? Take control of your water for yourself!

Rainwater, by its nature, is free from almost all of the point and non-point source pollutants that make Texas’ water so filthy. Stop worrying if whoever is upstream of you or uphill of you is doing the right thing with their waste, and start drinking the purest, cleanest, tastiest water on earth – Texas Rainwater!

Our rain harvesting solutions are cost-effective and give you the best tasting, highest possible water quality that you and your family deserve. RainKeepers offers simple to understand packages and can have you up and drinking pure rain water in about a week.

Read about the report here: https://www.texastribune.org/2014/06/19/texas-among-nations-worst-water-polluters/

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